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Port Dickson, the only tourist attraction in Negeri Sembilan is strategically located approximately 34 kilometres from Seremban city centre and 90 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur city centre. Port Dickson or more fondly referred as Port Dickson is just about one and a half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur via North-South Expressway. Decades ago, it was a small town that produced charcoal but later, PD was turned into a port during British administration. Once known as ‘Arang' (it means charcoal), when the British finally turned it into a port replacing Pengkalan Kempas, the locals called it ‘Tanjung' (it means cape).

There are a number of tourist attractions here in Port Dickson such as Blue Lagoon, Fort Lukut , Cape Rachado and Fort Kempas . Blue Lagoon lies approximately 15 kilometres from PD town. Vacationers can pick nearby accommodation to enjoy the panoramic view of the crystal clear water. Fort Lukut which was built in 1847 is a historical site situated about 7 kilometres from Port Dickson town while Fort Kempas lies about 23 kilometres from the lighthouse. Visitors can visit a small village here named Keramat Ujung Pasir.

1. Seri Menanti
Seri Menanti is the royal capital of the state of Negeri Sembilan ,Malaysia. Situated in the Kuala Pilah district , it houses the seat of the head of state or Yamtuan Besar, the local equivalent of the Sultan. A tiny town, other landmarks include the old wooden palace known as Istana Lama, built by Yang di-Pertuan Besar Tuanku Muhammad Shah ibni Almarhum Tuanku Antah (reigned 1888-1933) without the use of a single nail.

2. Blue Lagoon Port Dickson
The Blue Lagoon is nestled between the wings of two capes, the southern side being the bas of Tanjung Tuan , or Cape Rochado. Also called "Tanjung Biru', this beach can reached by a narrow road from the 10th Mile. The Lagoon which forms the main area is enclosed by a sandbar in the distance and protected by the capes, creating a large but shallow pool of water. As its name implies, the waters here once so clear, that they appeared blue in colour.
3. Teluk Kemang
Teluk Kemang is the most popular beach in Port Dickson, but not the closest to town, as it runs from the 7th Mile to 8th Mile. It attracts a large crowd even on weekdays, having many facilities such as shower stalls, car park, souvenir shops and hawker centers. The main feature of this beach is not its size or length, but the bright orange colour of the sand. Water sport activities are found abundantly throughout the beach of Teluk Kemang. For fun in the sea, people can rent canoes and paddle out into the distant horizon or ride jet skis and skim across the water fervently. On the beach itself, visitors can play sports such as volleyball and soccer.
4. Army Museum

The Army Museum is just 8 km a way from Port Dickson, being located right next to the Malaysian military base in Kem Si Rusa, which can be reached from a turn-off at the main road that runs along the beach areas. Also known as 'Muzium Tentera Darat', this military museum traces the history of the Malaysian armed forces and their exploits during the war along with achievements.

5. Pengkalan Kempas

The Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex, also known as Fort Kempas, is located about 35 km from Port Dickson Town, in a small town of which it takes its name from. This town used to be a historical port, but its main attraction for visitors today is the megalith stones located inside the complex and a nearby river called Sungai Linggi which is popular with fishermen for its abundant freshwater prawns called 'Udang Galah'.


6. Ostrich Farm

The PD Ostrich Show Farm is located on Mile 9, and provides some much needed wildlife attraction in Port Dickson. While it is predominantly an ostrich farm, visitors and tourists to this park can see other types of large birds, including peacocks, peasants, jungle fowls and emus. For some weird reason or simply to increase the number of animals, a large number of domesticated turkeys and chickens roam around the farm freely.

7. Kota Lukut
The Lukut Fort, also called Kota Lukut, was once a mighty castle north of Port Dickson that was used by Bugis warriors to safeguard the tin mining trade. It was managed by a warrior called Raja Jumaat who fought many battles from this fort. Today, little remains of this once powerful fortress. What was once walls of stone with buildings inside is now a field of grass and trees with some brick


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